THEBE is a Brazilian company, with Japanese capital from Fluid Machinery area.   Founded in mid of 1946 by THEodoro BErgander, the company has in its name the initials of his founder.  In 1981, THEBE was acquired by Cipolla Family, that reach a high growth, special at 2000s, by a large investment program in technology, automation and employees training.          Nowadays[..]


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    Technical Assistance

    Reaffirming the quality of our products, we provide Technical Assistants spread throughout Brazil. Contact us to get spare parts or repair your product.
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    THEBE FOUNDRY have a large alloys variety, for pumps and others application.


    Most moderns concepts of technology are used on alloys fabrication, like Gray Cast Iron, Ductile Cast Iron, Bronze, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and special alloys.


    Placed in Vargem Grande do Sul/SP, a built-up area of 5.000 m², with production capacity of 300tons in parts per month.


    Due to the constant grouwth, THEBE has been invested in new equipments for laboratory and production process to ensure quality.   


    By the acquisition of THEBE, EBARA CORPORATION aims optimize the Headquarter and Foundry capacity investing in new systems for process improvements and act on environmental measures associate to ISO 9001:2015 then products with better quality will come.